Furnworx has a range of interesting Dining Sets and Chairs that will have your guests talking all night. Our Dining Sets are considered to be pieces of artwork. They become the focal point of your dining room which is decorative and contemporary. The styling of the Dining Sets is unique and grabs the attention of anyone who enters the room. Furthermore, we have a range of elegant chairs that are available in different sizes and designs to suit your requirements. For home owners with impeccable taste in quality furniture, we offer unique designs and custom Dining Sets. We take note of your specifications and follow through on the designs. For interior designers, we take into account the client’s specifications as well as the colour, size and other requests so that you can deliver a designer Dining Set. For furniture retail stores, we prepare a range of ideas that is in keeping with your brand and what your business wants to represent in terms of styling. We then source the Dining Sets for you and do all the legwork to get the stock to your store. Feel free to contact us for your next Dining Set or Chairs.

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